A Bit About Craig...

Craig Coupland 

AFA, CFP, Grad Dip Bus Personal Financial Planning

The letters after my name basically mean that I have the highest level of professional qualifications currently available in NZ for personal financial planning.  

I am also a member of the New Zealand Institute of Financial Advisors and I have their highest designation available. Most mortgage brokers are not Authorised Financial Advisors, and do not have the qualifications I have achieved.

I am 100% qualified to have a chat with you about anything to do with getting a mortgage and buying your first home, building a portfolio of investments, working out what is best for you and your family in terms of insurance needs, making sure you are set for retirement, and even estate planning.

I am an independent and highly-experienced mortgage broker and insurance broker.


I was employed with one of New Zealand's largest banks for 12 years – and for 9 of those I was a Wealth Advisor in private banking, managing the needs of a portfolio of high net worth clients. My role was to gain an understanding of my client’s current situation and their future goals, and then design a clear road map to achieve those objectives.

During my time in banking, I studied for and gained my Diploma in Business and Personal Financial Planning (while working full-time and raising a family here in Tauranga).

I have a robust depth and breadth of knowledge in areas of investment funds, financial markets, taxation, risk tolerance, cash flow, compliance/regulations and more.

I also specialise in providing truly personalised Financial Planning services to help people plan for and achieve the things in life that are really important to them.

I love what I do!