$100,000 difference - the Home Start Grant price cap!


Did you even know about about a price cap?

If you are thinking about purchasing your first home in Tauranga and better yet, you QUALIFY for help with your mortgage with the Home Start Grant - make sure you are buying within the Tauranga District Boundary to qualify for the House Cap Price Limits.

In Tauranga, the house price cap is $450,000 and the area is determined by boundaries that have been outlined in this map - it would be rather gutting to simply assume you will get a cap of $450,000 then find out the road with the house you are looking at will only get you $350,000! $100,000 difference is enormous!

Check out the map below to ensure you know what's what.


Note that anything south of Papamoa or West of the Wairoa Bridge will be considered 'Rest of the Country' and therefore have a  price cap of $350,000.

This means a lot of the 'Tauranga area' is affected ie half of Te Puna, all Omokoroa, Te Puke and Katikati are considered 'Rest of the Country'

Anyway you may already know all this but in the excitement of getting a pre-approval for your first mortgage, it definitely pays to have all the facts! You can always contact me for a chat - I can come to you anywhere in Tauranga or the Bay of Plenty and a skype session is always an option!

Cheers, Craig