Are you feeling like you want to get organised? January is a great time to just sit, chill and make plans/goals for the year ahead.

Most of us make New Years Resolutions (lots of them destined to fail!) but January is a great time to have a think about your goals and especially before the kids go back to school so you can BEGIN THEM!

Concentrating on your finances is a great place to start as this can allow the freeing up of cashflow in order to achieve the other goals in your life!

While some people are frightened of the word ‘budget’ (my wife for example!) they are really crucial in order to see what money comes in and what money goes out – and I am sure many of you have overspent in the lead up to Christmas and the holiday season!

Having a financial plan in place is great for keeping track of expenditure and realising the areas in which you can tighten the purse strings to regain control if they have gotten out of whack!

Why come to us?

Our financial plans are even better as we work with you and will revisit them regularly to ensure you keep your goals on track AND our financial plans are free – we get a real kick out of helping people and especially with money matters!

Over the past year in business, we have sat down with many people and done just this – and a lot of those people have managed to get out of dumb debt (credit cards, personal loans etc), secure their first mortgage and are now very happy!

Our financial plans will focus on short term goals, long term goals, insurance needs, saving for your retirement through KiwiSaver, clearing of debt and/or aiming for a mortgage! 

We can set up a time that fits in with your schedule so call us for a chat!

Cheers, Craig.