Over the past year I have been invited into peoples’ homes to discuss a variety of topics centred around finance and wealth.

It is very personal and, at times, an intimate discussion where I am privy to sensitive information regarding clients financial situation and their goals for the future. It’s an honour to be entrusted with such information.

I get to know my clients very well in the early stages of discussing getting a mortgage or getting various types of insurance.

If I am lucky, I even get to meet some lovely pets (which I ask to take a picture to show my wife as she loves dogs!)

A big part of why we decided to start WealthHealth was to help everyday people achieve great wealth through property or other investments.

We have enjoyed a great year so far and have helped many people achieve their dreams and goals. It is one of the best feelings to help a family get into their first home and to secure their first mortgage and to be with them every step of the way – just today we got a pre-approval for a couple looking at buying their first home. It’s especially awesome to experience their happiness firsthand when they thought this dream was years away from being achievable.

If you have a property already and have been thinking about getting an investment property to add to your portfolio, it can be as easy as using the equity you have already accumulated. The point is, we are able to help most people further themselves on their wealth creation.

To us, wealth isn’t about just securing money in the bank or owning a stack of property – it can also mean ensuring you have the right insurance to help get you out of a pickle should the situation arise to ensure your property and finance goals don’t suffer.

Planning for your retirement is also on the spectrum of wealth – not enough of us plan for this event. BUT being organised and getting the right advice for what your KiwiSaver can passively achieve for you will be something you can do now and reap the benefits of later.

We want to say a big thank you to our clients who have allowed us to work alongside them to achieve great things for the health of their wealth.


Cheers, Craig and Fi!