Our Process

Initial Consultation

We can meet at a time that suits you, face to face, over the phone or through our secure online meeting room called Suitebox. We’ll happily come to your place (after 5pm is also no problem) or we can meet out and chat over a coffee.

At this meeting, we’ll find out a bit more about you and your family – your personal future goals, level of debt, income and expenditure – and we’ll agree on what level of service you’d like from us.

The options include:

At this meeting, we’ll also gather all of the information we need to complete this work for you.

Second Meeting

We’ll present our findings and recommendations for you, and we can discuss all the features and options, all the pros and cons, etc.

We’ll agree next steps with your mortgage, insurance or other plan – that might be choosing an option and progressing with it, or perhaps leaving you with everything to think it over.

When it comes to mortgage and insurance application forms and other formal documentation, we can walk you through the entire process – explaining all the fine print in simple English!

Annual Review

Every year we’ll check in with you to see how you are tracking, see if anything has changed in your personal circumstances, and make recommendations if needed.

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