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Roszarri Wiringi

Registered Financial Adviser

An all rounder-  committed and experienced Registered financial advisor, I enjoy helping investors work out how to best maximise their current homes equity to purchase a Rental property, this a fun and exciting time! If building a portfolio is where you want to be, send a pm via my facebook page or email.

The most important thing for a first home buyer is starting and I can help you with a plan to achieve home ownership and its usually a FREE service!

Get pre-qualified with me to work out what your purchase price is. I will take you through the process from how much you can afford, with your current KiwiSaver ,how kaingaora first homegrants work and wrap it all into a  budget for you.

Get going today! And become a Homeowner with WealthHealth!

Besides the fact I LOVE my career  – In the weekends you can find me pottering in my gardens and enjoying family time with my husband & four children… and our dog Hoodie 😊


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