It’s CHEAPER than it’s been in a long time to get a mortgage or to refinance your home. Banks are practically falling over themselves to lend money for mortgages as the interest rate war continues. The competition between banks to offer competitive interest rates to home buyers means that it can also be quite easy to secure finance SOONER than you thought too.

We helped a family secure a great interest rate as they came off their fixed rate that meant a fortnightly saving of $100.00 – which in turn meant they could begin saving for one of their future goals a lot sooner! It’s a win win situation as they were happy, the bank was happy, the mortgage was still being paid and it was just a great result.*

Another family we have seen recently has gone through the pre-approval process successfully (and been given the OK for $365,000) – a lot more than they thought they would get AND they thought they would have to wait for a couple of years as they are quite young. 

If you have wanted to get on the property ladder but thought it might be unattainable – let us have a look at options for a mortgage for you – you just never know – and with rental prices on the increase, wouldn’t it be better to pay YOUR mortgage instead of your landlords?

Did you know in 2008 – interest rates were around 9%**. What does that mean? If your mortgage was $250,000 over 30 years – your repayments in 2008 were around $928.00 per fortnight. Compared to today’s rates of around 5% that’s $619.00 per fortnight instead! Crazy!

* Individual results will vary

**Information from and market research