“Well, what can I say about WealthHealth? Only good things that’s for sure!

But the main thing I want to say is how genuinely surprised I was at what Craig was able to do for me, when I wasn’t even sure that I needed help in the first place.

To explain that a bit better, I like to think of myself as reasonably good with money… well, I always do a budget… I pay all my bills first… and I keep a roof over our heads etc. Alas, there always seems to be a little bit too much week left at the end of my money… but I was keeping myself and my son provided for, and I didn’t think I was doing too bad, so I didn’t really have any plans to get financial advice at all.

But I saw the opportunity on Facebook and it was FREE, so I thought
“why not?” and made an appointment… and boy am I glad I did!

Craig came round to my house and we sat down and had a cuppa and chatted for a while about my financials and what my goals were… and in an incredibly short time he had organised a debt consolidation loan that freed up a whopping $140 a fortnight for me! And he did all the leg-work to get it all pre-approved too, all I had to do was pop into the bank and sign a couple of forms and it was all sorted! We also revised my insurances, getting me much better coverage than I was currently on – and I now feel completely prepared for anything life may throw at me in the future.

So the next thing on my dreams list is buying my own home. I have KiwiSaver and I know Craig is an expert on all the ins and outs of how to use that to get into your first home, so I look forward to talking through getting a mortgage later on this year. It truly is such a good feeling knowing that I can contact WealthHealth whenever I need to, for the best advice around and absolutely fantastic customer service too!

So to anyone out there thinking “I don’t need any help, I’m doing fine” – get Craig to come and see you anyway… why be fine when you can be AWESOME?