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We are Financial Advisers, not just Mortgage and Insurance Brokers! We take a ‘Whole of Life’ approach to providing balanced advice regarding the health of your wealth!

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If you’re looking for a mortgage broker or insurance broker, or want some help with your KiwiSaver, you’ve come to the right place.

We genuinely love helping people get sorted and on the path to financial freedom – we know it sounds corny but it’s totally true!

Nothing beats helping a family into their first home, ensuring people are covered for the things life throws at them and consistently building wealth so we can have a good time in our retirement!

Have a nosey around our website and check out our more in-depth descriptions of exactly what it is we do!

The Coopers

Hugest thanks to the Good People at WealthHealth for sorting our mortgage and insurances – and the super gift basket! Customers for life.


Just wanted to say thanks to Craig for the genuine care he shows for clients.

We are currently in the process of buying our first home and have come up against a few hurdles which meant we missed out on a property last night. He called after hours to say “Don’t worry, your next house will be better! We will have everything sorted and it will all work out”. Something he didn’t have to do.

Great service! Looking forward to picking up the keys for the next one!


Life. Sorted! Thanks Craig you are fantastic. Really felt you put our needs first.

Now I actually feel comfortable with our insurance policies and confident we’ll be alright, no matter what happens in our future.

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